REVIEW: Revisitations 3 DVD box set

As you may be aware, due to the vastness of this set and the wealth of material (old and new), I have split the review into three and you can find links to the stories included in the latest edition of Revisitations below. Check out all the details on the special features HERE.

PREVIEW: Revisitations 3 - Tomb of the Cybermen

PREVIEW: Revisitations 3 - The Three Doctors

PREVIEW: Revisitations 3 - The Robots of Death

Normally I'd have a rating out of ten for a review but this is a different kind of release to the usual fare. If you don't own any of the stories then I would uncategorically state that Revisitations 3 is an absolute must~buy - no contestation. Even if you own just one of the stories, then the box set is still a worthwhile purchase. But, in these austere times, you may have to think twice if you've previously purchased a couple of them (unless you're Mister/Missus Moneybags).

is released Feb 13, priced £35.75

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